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My mother and her husband are coming today. They’re bringing with them a couple of 20-30 year old folding bikes for us to check out for C to use while we figure out what to do for him. This is all very exciting. I love when my folks are here. My mother is my best friend and confidant. She knows me intimately and loves me all the more. I feel very blessed. Her husband is an extraordinary man who knows so much and, in my eyes, can do anything. I love him fiercely.

The only downside to their trip here is that they are also bringing with them their minivan into which I am going to load my life in the next two days and then drive for 14 hours to South Carolina to see my dad and his wife. Now, my dad is wicked cool. He can make anyone laugh and is more authentic and loving as time goes on. My step mother is a lovely woman whom I rarely see and I’m very excited to be with her for a week. We all have been waiting for this trip for months and I’m positively thrilled that it’s so nearly here. I love my dad to no end and do not see him enough. This trip is going to be awesome.

But this is a blog about cycling! you say. I KNOW! I say. Honestly, it bugs me that I am going to sit in a motorized vehicle for that many hours. It bugs me that I’m going to give that much money to oil companies in refueling for that many miles. It bugs me that I decided to start a blog about cycling three days before heading out by car. Gr,I say. But! There is light at the end of my petroleum laden tunnel and that comes in the form of our Thule bike rack. It will carry the Yuba and Cannondale the many miles we are to travel. The folder we can stick in with the luggage. We aim to ride as much as possible when in SC. Want to have supper 5 miles away? We’ll see you there in half an hour 🙂 I am very, very excited to ride for miles on terrain that is reliably flat as we don’t get much flat terrain here in the Lehigh VALLEY.

I’m going to make it a point to get on my bike today, even if it is just to the store to return the Redbox we rented last night. I don’t know if I could sleep knowing that I’m only spending my next two days to get into a car. The store is only 2.4 mi round trip but it’s a ride that doesn’t involve a car and that is what matters.