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High 80’s and sunny in South Carolina leads me far away from my bicycle. I feel foolish having thought that I would do much riding here. I feel lazy and a little concerned about how my jeans will fit at the end of vacation. I’m going to have to step up my out-of-the-saddle exercise while we’re here.

We brought Big J’s Bianchi and my Cannondale. We also brought the Burley. I’m going to plan an early morning into town for breakfast. There has to be a small breakfast cafe type place in a little southern town, right? And if we leave the house by 7 we’ll be back by 9 and back in the central air before the sweltering begins. If we do that twice I’ll be satisfied that bringing the bikes was not for naught.

Truth be told, I miss my bike. It feels a bit odd to say that. But I haven’t ridden it in a few days. My Cannondale was built to be ridden. It wasn’t ridden for years and I feel that I have the opportunity to make up for lost time with the commuting I do.

I really enjoy the looks I get when I park the Yuba at the library. More often than not people think we must have built it ourselves. We get a lot of smiles when we ride the Yuba. I think its size alone gets people’s attention and then they see little J snug in his Yuba Peanut Shell. Here’s a related story… My family are rather religious Episcopalians. Wait! I’m not going to start preaching! Just wait! We go to church every Sunday. It’s 5.5 miles each way. Pentecost Sunday is celebrated with the color red, symbolizing fire. (Feel free to ask what Pentecost is about. I’ll share in the comments section if someone shows interest.) Our church celebrated by decorating the church with red, orange, gold, and yellow balloons.


How could someone see this on the road and NOT smile?