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Ugh. I usually don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong or simply mistaken; such things are based on knowledge. However, I really loathe admitting that I’ve done something wrong. I think I get doing something wrong confused with being wrong. But no one likes anyone who is perfect, right? Think of someone you deeply love… Doesn’t it feel like a tremendous gift to love them when they’re feeling broken? But I digress…

I made a mistake. I made a huge mistake. An actual mistake. I worked hard to make sure we brought everything to South Carolina. We even went back to the house TWICE before actually hitting the road. But I forgot something. And it’s the kind of something I feel I should not be forgetting at this stage in our car-free game. You may have already guessed what I forgot.

I forgot not one, not two, not three, but all four bike helmets. Not one of us has a helmet south of the Mason-Dixon. And we’re not really all that interested in spending the $60-$80 to outfit our family’s skulls with safety. Many people may, my dad and step-mom included, suggest that we just hit the road (a quiet, not-too-traveled road) without them. And, honestly, we might take a ride through my dad’s development just to get a mile or two in. But it is not the wisest idea.

Many people ride their bikes without wearing a helmet. C has taken to chiming in every time we see someone doing just that, “That guy/lady should be wearing a helmet!” While it is true that helmets decrease one’s chance of injury, they don’t eliminate the possibility. It is also true that your head hits the ground at 13 mph when you fall off of your bike. Drop a watermelon from about 6′. That may offer a good visual example of why one should wear a bike helmet. The majority of bike accidents are not collisions; they are falls. I’ve heard one rather emphatic cyclist say many times, “The only reason to not wear a helmet is this: you don’t care about your brain.”

I’m hoping the heat wave hitting the northeast breaks before we get home! I have a lot of bike riding to catch up on! Even if we do set out to rake in some miles, we’ll be a far cry from our 40-80 mile/week average.

Do you wear a helmet? Do you think they’re important?