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We’re back in sunny, hot PA an I have had zero, that’s right, zero interest in riding my bike. Ok, writing that makes me see that’s not quite the whole truth. I have a great deal of interest in riding my bike correlated with a great deal of interest in 65 degree weather for said bike ride.

Remember all of that stuff I posted about how I weather hot weather? I need to go back and reread my own advice. I can see that the thing in which I have zero interest is sweating. But if I go even further in this line of thought I can see that I only loathe sweating when I’m standing still, or sitting, or walking across the room. When I’m doing something that would make me sweat no matter the weather, like dig a hole, build furniture, or, y’know, ride my bike, I typically don’t mind very much.

Ok, so now that I’m being honest…

My loving and wise husband rolled over this morning and said, “Do you want to go for a bike ride? Go to the library?”

“No. It’s hot,” I responded. I had not been outside. I looked at the weather not long ago. This morning would have been a really nice bike ride. So then I looked at tomorrow’s weather. It is foretold that temperatures will not rise above 80 degrees until after 9am.

Here is my promise. I promise you, my readers, in addition to promising myself (because it is easier to keep promises to other people, isn’t it?). I am going to take my children on the 8 mile round trip ride to the library tomorrow morning, first thing after breakfast.

And y’know what? I”m excited. I haven’t ridden my bike in close to a week (again). I haven’t ridden with my kids in more than two. Perhaps tomorrow morning will be just the kick I need to get back in the saddle no matter the weather.

Who’s with me? Will you ride tomorrow? Even just around the block. Borrow a bike and helmet if you must. Will you get on your bike and see how it feels again?