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Ok, so I didn’t ride this morning. I feel completely justified too. However, I’m well aware that I set myself to fail to fulfill on the goal of getting to the library.

I took C to NJ yesterday to play in his baseball game – they won astronomically, and he was instrumental. A true joy to watch.

Then we went to see fireworks with friends. Fireworks, almost by definition, end late.

Then we went to the diner. (Like going “down the shore,” going to the diner is just what folks from Jersey do. While I no longer live there, I still call it home.) Yes, two of my best friends from high school and I taught my 10 year old son to play the card game B***sh** at the diner at 11pm on a Monday night. Good times.

A good Jersey diner has a staple. Well, yes, disco fries. But I’m talking about coffee. (Disco fries, if you don’t know, are french fries smothered in brown gravy and mozzarella cheese – a gooey deliciousness unlike any other.)

I drank two cups of coffee at 11pm last night. Subsequently, I did not go to sleep until nearly 4am. Little J woke at 6am. And there I had my not-so-good night’s sleep. C watched his brother for another couple of hours and I caught a little more shut eye. I thank God for my favorite oldest son.

The short of it (having dragged you through the long of it) is that I did not leave the house today from exhaustion. However, I did fold laundry, do dishes, vacuum, and clean the tub. I had to do things around the house to justify going back to bed the minute big J arrives home from work.

There are fireworks downtown tomorrow night at what were once the Steel Stacks of Bethlehem Steel. They’re now the Steel Stacks of many a delightful event. We have to pass the library to get to the Steel Stacks, but it will be closed. So my trip will continue to be postponed… until Thursday? Friday? I haven’t the foggiest right now…

The good news? I still have the minivan we borrowed for our vacation. And I’m not using it to get to the library. The trip will wait until I can invest the time and effort to do the trip right. That itself is progress…