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I really wanted to get a post in today as it was my first day back on my bike as a commuter. But today ends in 1 minute so I’m just gonna go ahead and sweep that goal out the door.

This afternoon, my amazing and courageous husband put both children on the Yuba and we headed to the “south side”. The Lehigh River cuts through our Christmas City, thus we have the south side and the north side. It took a while after moving here to be able to accurately describe our residence using only words associated with a compass. He returned home 10 miles later.

I returned home 11.4 miles later. .7 miles from home we realized we only had one headlight with us and we unanimously agreed that I should be the one to hoof it back to the house (and by hoof, I mean pedal).

On the south side of the city one finds the Bethlehem Steel Stacks. The Steel Stax are a) lumps of rusting metal which used to turn out lumps of metal resistant to rust, and b) quite a spectacle. Every time I go to the Steel Stacks I stare in awe at the stacks, thinking of the power they once held and the thousands of men who lived their lives within them.

The city has turned what was a dilapidated eyesore into quite the hotspot. From concerts to movies to farmers’ markets to holiday festivities, ArtsQuest packs an amazing variety of events onto its hectare or two of space.

But I digress…

My family of four had an amazing time tonight. I was completely impressed by the fireworks show. A better display I have not seen, I think. The entire afternoon was jam packed with activities for the whole family. I believe it has become our July 4th ritual.

I was really tired as we rounded the corner into our second mile heading downtown. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly I lose muscle mass. A week off of my bike left me feeling very uncomfortable.

But then the miracle happened. It always does. It might be at mile one, or mile six, or mile nine. At some point my body goes, “Wait! I know this! I’ve done this before! Aw man, this is great! Woohoo!” I can only ever hope that the miracle happens before I arrive at my destination. Tonight it happened around mile four. I was elated.

Our ride home tonight was amazing. Y’know all of that car traffic that you sit in after fireworks or a concert, or what-have-you? We sat in none of it. None. We turned one corner, saw a line of cars, and walked up the sidewalk. Then we jimmied our way through alleys, avoiding traffic all the way home. All the while receiving compliments from pedestrians on having the coolest bike they’d ever seen. (Our neighbors pulled in the same time we did and they had driven)

There is no substitute for this lifestyle. I love my Cannondale. I’m grateful my mom bought it 15 some-odd years ago, that I get to ride it today.