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We finally got to the library today. 8.3 miles including the stop to get cat food.

I’m feeling run down. I don’t really want to be on the computer but I’m committed to logging my miles in the Bike Challenge and writing to all of you – you being anyone who might happen upon and/or read this blog.

So here I am. I feel tired. A little sluggish. So I’m increasing my water intake for today. And resting. I’ll make it a point to ride tomorrow. One decent ride once a week is not enough. I know that my lack of consistency adds to my less than average current experience.

But I just had to write today because something really cool happened today. I’ve posted before about the miracle that happens when I ride: the miracle of my body going from fighting against the cadence my mind wants to keep to embracing and increasing it. The miracle today was that I remembered, mid complaint, that the miracle always happens. My body always kicks into gear. In that moment, it did.

My legs brought my little boy and me all the way to the library where I picked up some movies for him (because he refuses to read library books for I-don’t-know-why reason) and two books for me. Julie and Julia came highly recommended by a friend who tells me that the thing to do with my blog is to get a movie deal.

Have I told you that I love riding my bike?