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3/4 of our family (minus C) rode to the grocery store today. I find it incredibly empowering to put a week’s worth of groceries on my bicycle. Well, on my Yuba Mundo. I had one bag of groceries in the basket on my Cannondale.

I wish I had taken pictures. Little J chillin’ in his peanut shell complete with Chicco sunshade a la You Ain’t Got Jack. (Lindsay has SO got me beat in so many non-competitions – diet, commitment, innovation. She’s really amazing.)

Big J pulled a crate out of the dumpster the day we left for SC. The day we returned he tethered it to the Yuba. Where we once would attach groceries to the foot rail with bungee cords, we now simply place them in the crate.

While I do not have a camera that I can tote around, I do have a cell phone with a camera and will start to carry it consistently. (When I’m out with my husband I see little reason to carry it.)

Anyhow, I took some pictures of the crate so you can get a visual. The black and yellow bag is called a Go Getter Bag and also holds groceries, or extra clothes, or whatever it is that needs to be toted.

The crate sits quite securely on the foot rail and is held in place with both bungee cords and Yuba utility straps. I have taken to securing our umbrella stroller in the crate with a bungee. (I do so with immense gratitude that my toddler still willingly sits in a stroller.)

In other news, we returned the library bike we had borrowed for C from a local co-op. This left him sans bike and solely on the back of the Yuba. Which is fine. But he loves to ride too. So we got him this. Our families have pulled funds together and it is an early birthday present. We’re so excited!! It should be here today or tomorrow.

This bike will fit him now and it will fit him when he’s fully grown. It’s an excellent bicycle that will absolutely serve all of his transportation needs. He knows he’s getting a folder for his birthday and already talks about being able to store it under his dorm room bed – in 8 years.

In other news, I’m so ready for October and the cool weather that will accompany its arrival. The breeze one finds while riding really only cools if it hits while in the shade. The summer sun simply beats down harder than the wind blows.

In other news, we’ve hit our 6 month mark living without a car. I honestly did not feel certain that the day would come. I feel exhilarated and proud. I feel it is an accomplishment and look forward to celebrating our one year mark!