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Conor’s bike arrived this morning!!! We immediately took it out of the box, removed its packaging, and unfolded it.

Check out this video of how to unfold the i8.

Josh went to work making sure everything was up to par – adjusting brakes and this and that. He gave it a good once-over. The folder is brand new but needed a few tweaks to be road ready. I pumped up the tires. Next thing I knew, Josh had his helmet and shoes on and was mounting up for a test ride. We each took it around the parking lot a few times. It’s an awesome ride. We give a big shout out to Buck’s Bikes of Austin, TX, started by Josh’s grandfather. Uncle Pete always answers our questions completely. He’s a great resource. If you’re ever in the area please stop by and send our love.

We also give immense to thanks too all of our parents. With their generosity we were able to buy this beautiful gift.