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Family Portrait, circa 2010 – every one of us has much shorter hair now

Boy! It’s been almost a week since I posted last. It really flew by!

Judah and I just went for a walk and he was seriously the cutest thing ever. He refused to hold my hand but mostly stayed on the sidewalk. But only if he was running. There was only way to get him to return if he wandered from our path – running. Oh – and I carried him the last block and a half. It’s a beautiful, mostly sunny, morning with a breeze that feels amazing.

Again, no camera. So, no pictures. I’m not good at this game yet. Oh well.

I haven’t been not riding my bike. We rode to church on Sunday (11 mi round trip) and I had one of those days when I felt like I’d never commuted by bike before. Every mile getting there was matter over mind – my body pushing no matter what my head said. Thus, I did stay off of my bike for a few days. Add to it temperatures in the high 90’s and I was more than content to remain indoors. And as all-natural and energy efficient as my family is, we absolutely have been running our air conditioners.

I’m grateful that the heat is breaking in time for a visit from Conor. I haven’t seen him in two weeks!! Any parent will tell you that two weeks is actually forever when it comes to not seeing your young child. It’s a very big weekend because he has NO idea that his new bicycle is here! It’s also the annual Blueberry Festival in town. We’ve never been, but I love all things blueberry so I’m very excited.

I’ll definitely ride to the library tomorrow. Temperatures are supposed to drop into the 70’s. It’s supposed to rain but that only means that I’ll stay cool. I’ll change into dry riding clothes at the library. I can’t wait. I rarely get to ride my bike by myself since I stopped working. I enjoy riding the Yuba. I love riding with Josh. We’re learning to be patient when riding with Conor – we typically ride faster than he does so it requires patience when we all ride together.

Family time looks different every day in our house. Sometimes it’s just Judah and me and home, like today. Sometimes Josh is home with us. Sometimes I’m the one who is out. I relish in the days when Conor gets added to the mix. I also relish in time alone I get with Conor – I’ll have some of that tomorrow. Conor, on the other hand, relishes in time alone with Josh, opportunities for which are quite few and far between.

When the weather is right, my current favorite family thing to do is to get on our bikes and explore the neighborhood. There is always some street we haven’t yet gone down.

How do you spend time with your family? What are your favorite things to do together?