This is a great article from about cycling with kids. It really touches upon the learning experience cycling with kids is. Some great advice from a variety of sources. Read the comments too which are mostly helpful.


My daughter will turn 3 this year, and we just enrolled her in preschool. With all our childcare at home to date, we’ve been lucky to avoid lots of extra running around with the kid. So, no sooner had we signed little Audrey up for preschool than we began to fret about the logistics of getting her to and fro — without royally complicating our lives.

It’s a bit too far to walk, and since I try to commute as often as possible by bike, it seemed counterproductive to go the few miles by car. What would I do with the car? Drive back home and then hop on my bike? I don’t think so! Drive to work and pay to park downtown? No way!

So, I started to investigate my options for conveying my babe by bike — it appears to be the most convenient and sensible solution.

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