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I have a thing for quirky gifts. That is, I don’t like to simply give stuff. Nobody needs more “stuff”. I like the gifts I give to be weighted with love. Gifts I give are experiential or homemade. Our family gives gifts that make a difference for people.

For example, for Christmas this year we bought two concert tickets for Conor. He and I went to a Carbon Leaf concert, an indie Celtic rock band we both love. For Joshua’s 25th birthday I planned (and executed!!!) a surprise 5 day trip to his home town to be with his friends and family.

Every Christmas we make a donation to Heifer International in the names of our friends and family.

This past Father’s Day was no different. I wanted to do something special with the kids that would create memories for the family and result in a gift Joshua cherishes.

I reached out to Ashley Feather at Soul Surfer Designs. Ashley is a local artist and I happen to know she has a silkscreen of a sharrow in reflective ink. I ordered 5 white shirts; two for Joshua, one for me and each of the boys.

Yesterday, we tie-dyed them. Of course I forgot to take pictures during the tie-dying process but I have the results right here!

Non-sharrow sides

Sharrow sides

Joshua’s long-sleeved shirt

Joshua’s short-sleeved shirt

Conor’s shirt

Judah’s shirt

Meg’s shirt. (I like mine best. Ssshhh!)

We will find out tonight how the reflective ink held up in the dying process but we think they’ll be fine.

They’re awesome. Joshua LOVES them. And we all had a blast while making them! Judah has tie-dyed hands, as do I. Conor has an anklet of blue. We look like we had fun too 🙂