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Do you know the above movie reference? It’s from my first favorite movie and I don’t think even my husband or mother, and best friend, will know… (Read all the way to the end for hints.)


I had things to do downtown yesterday that I really tried to get out of doing. But I needed a working printer and I was tired of library items sitting around unused. Yesterday was also my first day back in class and Josh only worked until 1pm so I knew I should take advantage of an afternoon and evening studying at the library (These are two separate libraries: one is the free public library; studying does not go over well here with the homeless and high school folk.) I happen to live (as I always have, somehow) in an area laden with colleges. Moravian College has a fabulous library with Green Mountain Organic coffee for a buck (with unlimited refills/day).

The public library is 3.9 miles and mostly downhill. It’s a pleasant enough ride. Yesterday, I got caught in the storm: Bombing the one big downhill, I started to feel like a stinging sensation all over my arms. Turns out some big ol’ rain drops were hitting me pretty hard. After a moment of getting used to their impact I almost enjoyed the rain. You see, I knew that I had hours of sitting in air conditioning forthcoming and the idea of wet shorts in A/C is less than desirable. I hadn’t left the house totally unprepared for I had packed a dry shirt, but no shorts.

At the next stop light I shared a smile with the woman in an SUV to my right. She rolled down her window a few inches and reminded me of something I say all the time in dry weather: “Rain is the best to ride in!” We laughed. I’m so grateful for that woman because, truth be told, I love riding in the rain. Hello?! Free facial! Plus I don’t feel sweaty when I’m covered in rain.

I was pretty drenched by the time I arrived at Moravian’s library, after my public library and sandwich shop detours. I found, surprisingly, I wasn’t at all uncomfortable. The dry shirt kept me warm in the cool building and there’s nothing like baby powder or corn starch to quickly and effectively dry one’s skin.

The water absorbed by my shorts, on the other hand, S.L.O.W.L.Y. evaporated. In fact, it took about 5 hours for them to become mostly dry. Just in time to ride home again. However, thanks to weather.com’s radar map I successfully timed my ride home during a break in precipitation. But all that really means is that I arrived home sweaty and grumpy.

There is one thing I truly loathe about riding at night. It’s hard for me to imagine ever getting over this: You know when you’re driving at night and you can see rain drops and individual snow flakes in your headlights? Now, imagine that up all close and personal…

In my headlight, in the rain, I have a pretty accurate idea of just how much water I’m breathing from the droplets in the air + actual rain drops.

In my headlight, in dry air, I have a pretty accurate idea of just how much particle air pollution I’m breathing from the dust in the air + the occasional insect.

Yep. It’s that gross. I try to focus my attention away from the beam of light in such a way that I can watch the road without wanting to not breathe.

I’ll have to write about riding in the rain when the weather turns cold; when you would think the rain does NOT feel good. That thought is wrong. My experience is that rain always feels good.

So.. movie hint: “Big people have little humor, and little people have no humor at all.” What’s your guess? No Googling! πŸ™‚

Happy rainy day!