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4 months ago I said I wanted to learn to ride the 9-10 miles to Easton. It seemed an insurmountable goal. It seemed as insurmountable as living successfully as a car-free family of four. It was a seriously daunting endeavor.

I’ve now ridden to Easton a handful of times and tomorrow I’m throwing in the Genesis Bicycles 10/10/10 ride. The 10/10/10 ride is a 10 mile ride at 10 mph leaving at 10:10am. That will bring tomorrow’s mileage to about 35 miles round trip.

I blogged several weeks ago that I felt like riding my bike was becoming rather easy-peasy and that I needed to set a new goal or do something more.


I’ve been incredibly inspired this summer by my sister-in-law. She decided to get really fit in 2012, once and for all. She has worked out at least 5x/week all summer. She worked out when it was hot. She worked out when she was tired. She worked out when she didn’t feel good. In fact, her husband just about demanded she stop for a week or two because she was trying to push through an injury.

I don’t know how many pounds she has lost but I know it’s at least 4 dress sizes. She looks amazing. She thinks she has a long way to go. She sees how far she’s come. She IS amazing. I’m blessed to know her and love her and to count her amongst my very nearest and dearest.

My sister-in-law’s motivation and perseverance leaves me feeling lazy 🙂

I decided to give something a try – something I’d never tried before. Something I said I always wanted to want to do, but never really wanted to do. I want to want to run, but I don’t want to run.

So, I went for a run. I ran a mile, stopping only once for a drink. I’d never run a mile in my life. Not even when I was supposed to for all that phys ed testing in school. And then I walked a half mile and ran another half mile.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law came with me. We did a two-mile loop at a 1 min run/3 min walk. I felt really good. I felt at ease. I felt like I could really do this. I could actually be a runner.

I feel I can remove a verb from my previous attitude: I want to run. I want to be a runner.

I have a neighbor who ran track and cross country when she was in high school. She’s going to start running with me too!

There are at least two 5K foot races I want to do next year. A 5K feels absolutely within reach.

So, I’ll ride my bike 35 miles tomorrow and another 11 on Sunday.

This weekend my goal is to run one mile without stopping. By Monday night. I’m stoked.

I’m gonna be a runner!