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We did not do the 30 miles we planned for last Saturday… Josh woke me up at 8:30… I didn’t want to get up and he didn’t really want to go. So I stayed in bed, which is always an extraordinary treat. One I too often take for granted.

However, I kept my promise and ran one mile over last weekend. Plus, I’ve gone jogging every day this week. Sunday was the first time in my life that I ran a full one mile without stopping. That seems silly. But I feel certain I’m not even remotely the only person to say so. I can absolutely attribute my new level of fitness, while not yet ideal, to bike riding.

I’ve mostly gone running with my aforementioned sister-in-law. We’ve been doing a run:walk regiment of 1-1.5:2-3. This ratio seems to work pretty well for us. I’ve also felt like I need to push myself more. So yesterday I went out on my own. I mapped a route. And I ran over 1.5 miles without stopping. I’m proud of myself.

The only downside is that my hand-me-down iPod shuffle synced with my computer and all my old music (that is no longer on my computer because of other personal technical incapabilities) is gone so I have to refill it before I’ll go out on my own again.

I’m not going to go jogging today and I’m disappointed. I’ve kind of been looking forward to running in the rain. As long as I wear contacts and don’t have to concern myself with slipping and splattered glasses 🙂 But today is a NJ day which means it’s a driving day. And Josh won’t be home from work until the moment I have to leave. I learned this week that if I’m going to run with Judah in the bike trailer as jogging stroller I have to tweak the position of the handle bar. That is not something I want to stand in cold rain for.

You could argue that if I was REALLY committed I would stand in the rain and adjust the stupid handle bar.

You could also ague that I’m a full time student and mother of a very busy two year old boy and so cutting myself a break is an acceptable attitude.

I waiver between these two.

I will make it a point to run tomorrow – even if it’s on my friend’s treadmill. And now, that could be fun. I’d love to have the gadget to tell me how fast I’m running at my standard pace and how fast I currently sprint.

I know I sprint easier and faster than I have in a long time. I sprinted the other night when we were across the street and we heard Judah in the baby monitor. I ran home like I was flying. Then yesterday, he took off around the corner and I had to catch him to keep him from going in the street.

See? Running is functional AND fashionable.

‘Cuz I care about fashion.. Ha!

Anyone have running advice for me? I’m just getting going and have a long journey ahead. I’d love to know about your experiences!