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Every summer I have the same attitude: I cannot WAIT until summer is over. It’s no secret I don’t like the heat – unless of course I’m near a natural water source.

I waited all summer for fall to come. And now it’s here! Pants and sweaters and beanies and socks with Birkenstocks (because I wear sandals no matter the weather).

I conveniently forgot two things while the hot weather beat down.

A) It’s easier to breathe hard in warm weather. Josh postulates that this is because the cold makes the trachea and bronchi contract. This makes a great deal of sense to me. Whatever the cause, it is harder to breathe while riding in cold weather.

B) Cold weather brings with it cold fronts, and with cold fronts bring wind. I’m not talking about gentle breezes. I’m talking about 14-20 mph headwinds. I forgot what it’s like to ride into a headwind. All summer long I longed for cool breezes. And I got ’em!