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I’ve been riding my hand me down Cannondale H300 CAD 1 for the past 9+ months. On that wonderful vehicle has rested the saddle that was purchased for it.

FYI, the Cannondale CAD line premiered in the mid 1990’s. My bike was most likely purchased in 1996 or ’97. This particular original saddle is extremely cushiony and is designed for those who have a more sensitive tush.

Consider if you will what would happen to a considerable amount of cushioning over the course of 500+ miles. Yes, that. Though compressed is not quite descriptive enough. The compressed cushioning plus the shape of the saddle has meant that the last half dozen or so rides I’ve taken I’ve pretty much been sitting right on my sciatic nerve. Fun it is not.

So we got me a new saddle on Saturday. The kind folks at Genesis Bicycles thanked us for our help at the Bike to Brunch event with an incredibly well-timed gift card.

A new saddle means a much more comfortable ride anywhere I go. It also means I can start to pull together some training days. That’s right. Time to train. Train for what?


My very, very dear friend Zee and I are planning to ride a century come spring, before it gets hot, after it get easier to breathe heavy. A century ride has two definitions: 1) 100 miles in a day; 2) 100 miles in 12 hours. We’ll take the day as far as I’m concerned. That might change come March.

This is a very exciting goal. For those who know me and for those who have been following this blog, YOU know that 9 months ago there was no way from here to bupkis that I’d even think about riding my bicycle 100 miles ever! No way no how! (Just one or two attitudes of mine have shifted since I first took to the saddle.)

Any advice for me??