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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy – Tropical Storm Force Wind Probability

Did you hear there’s a storm hitting the east coast?? We’re only 70 miles from shore.

Tropical Storm Force Winds are winds that blow over 39mph. We’re in the 80-90% probability range for such winds. Weather websites forecast winds at 37-47pmh.

Wind is the main concern when considering riding in a hurricane or tropical storm. Have you ever headed into a downhill that is usually fun and makes your heart race only to find you have to pedal, hard, to really get going? It’s a whole different kind of heart race.

Joshua had to work this morning at 4am. The original plan was that he would ride in, when winds were projected at 19mph, and bus home when the big winds were blowing in. (We’ve both ridden in 19mph winds. A pain, but totally doable.) Then we learned that buses would not be running today. We thankfully had a car over the weekend that returns today, which he took to work.

We’ve been to the grocery store. We’ve cleared our patio and front lawn-ish area. Time to light some candles to warm up the place (because it is not cold enough to turn on the heat) and settle down with some movies for Judah.

Happy Monday! Stay safe, wherever you are – blessed be.