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It’s 45 degrees and somewhat sunny here today and I got stoked to stick my toddler in his trailer to go for a ride downtown. I also have some new music to listen to so I was prepared for a somewhat long haul. I got us both dressed to go, outfitted with helmets and outside we went! Elated!

And my front tire was flat. Frustrated.

I patched my first flat today! This may not be a big deal for some but it means I’m another step closer towards my maintenance goal of “Not Needing Joshua for Absolutely Everything.” Elated!

He stood by and directed me here and there. I took a flat fixing class a few weeks ago and this was my first opportunity to put that skill to use. Elated!

This hole was more of a tear. Think about putting a pen tip through the flat of a rubber band and then pulling it up to tear the rubber. In other words, it was a bad hole. Josh said that he wasn’t sure a patch would do it. But I patched the tube and filled it with air and put my wheel back on my bike.

The putting on of the wheel I did sans direction. Elated!

I rode around the block and came home again to check the air. I could hear the tube leaking from the saddle. My PSI had dropped from 80 to 60 in the half-mile around the block. And no, we have no spare tubes for my bike.

No riding for me today. Frustrated!!!