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If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you might just know that I have fallen in love with this:

Sexy Beast of a Trek Bicycle - the Cronus CX Ultimate

Sexy Beast of a Trek Bicycle – the Cronus CX Ultimate

Two nights ago, Genesis Bicycles had an open rep night – think of it as a small vendor show. Cannondale was there. Sram, Shimano, Continental, and Guru were there, among others. And Trek was there.

Now, I test rode the Trek 520 two weeks ago and she’s a beauty of a touring bike. First of all, my Cannondale CAD 1 is too big so to get into a bike that fits is sorta dreamy. Second,  the 520 is built for speed + comfort, unlike my CAD, which is a mountain bike-leaning hybrid. I was shocked by the ease with which I cranked up to 20 mph on that thing.

I was sharing all of this with the Trek rep when he suggested I take the Cronus home for a week or so. It’s a cyclocross bike, built to be a fast mountain bike. I rode it home that night and noted that it, like my CAD, is a little big. But when I hit 30+ mph on a descent and still felt in complete control of the machine, I fell in love.

Josh did too and he took her out on a trail ride this morning.

The minute he got home I grabbed his allen wrenches so I could get my seat post back on it and get out for a ride. I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go, or for how long. Josh suggested that I hit the trail, too. After all, it’s what this bike is built to traverse.

I rode off on my own into some unknown territory. Previously, I’ve headed out with some nervousness, hoping I could find my way and not get lost. Today, I trusted my bicycle, and I trusted myself. I couldn’t wait.

I sometimes listen to music while I ride (I keep my left ear open so I can hear traffic). Today I was listening to Vivaldi concertos. They were an excellent background for being on the river.

130309_0000I even came upon this unusual site for a trail ride:


There were some muddy patches, and each one spoke of those who had gone before me so far this season…

130309_0005Seriously, this bike is an absolute dream on the trails. I get all googly-eyed thinking about it. I am deeply in smit with this bicycle. If anyone has a spare $8K, Josh and I celebrate our anniversary in April, and nothing says “I love you” better than a badass bi-wheel machine between your legs, well, pair of machines. 🙂

I wrapped up my ride trekking the roads of downtown Bethlehem, riding home in a headwind. 13.6 miles on my clock today leaves me just under 2 miles shy of breaking 50 for the week. Too bad.. But there’s always next week!

If you want to know more about the D&L trail I rode today, go back and read this post I wrote in September, chronicling an entire day around the trail. 

…As a side note, Mike from Sram showed me their latest drive train. The XX1 system has NO front derailleur, none!, plus the chain DOES NOT come off the rings. It actually locks onto the teeth. So, if you’re into technical features of bicycles, DEFINITELY go check it out.