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Friday has actually never been my favorite day of the week – Thursday always won out for me, because no matter what is happening on Thursday, tomorrow is Friday! And while Friday is the best day of the week for many. Truthfully, it’s become a mixed bag for me.

Friday is the day that my son, Conor, comes to spend weekends with us, most weekends anyhow. Conor and I have a very special, spiritual connection. We’ve been through a lot together and his arrival in some ways saved my life. Now, he is an adolescent so sometimes I’m grateful when he’s at his dad’s. But most of the time, when I let myself think about it, I miss him so much I want to cry.

But I digress.

Given that Friday is my Conor Day, and that Conor’s dad lives in my hometown some 70 miles away, Friday is also car rental day.

I’ve developed quite a rapport with the folks in my local Enterprise Rent-a-Car branch. They respect and admire our car-free choices and provide some of the best customer service I’ve received. (A big thank you, Steve, Zack, Nathan, Sarah, and all those who came before :))

But I hate having access to a car. I find that I run errands when I have the car – I go to the grocery store or recycling center; things that CAN be done on the bike but really are simpler by car. And I hate it. Sometimes I find myself driving across town smiting myself for being lazy. These days I am very affected by being in a car. But it does simplify a few things. Gr.

The fact of the matter is after the 3-hour round trip to pick up Conor I feel agitated, irritated, weary, and groggy:

There is an enormous amount of toxicity that people don’t typically consider, yet breathe in with incredible regularity. I’ll save details for another post, but know that you breathe in not only emissions from your own vehicle and vehicles around you, you also inhale toxins given off from fire retardent chemicals in your interior’s fabrics and the chemicals that made all of that plastic inside of your car, among others.

Think about it this way – consider all of the (potentially?) toxic fumes that create that “new car smell”. Where does that new car smell go when it fades? Hm? Yes, into you and yours.

So, like I said, Fridays are a mixed bag. I cannot wait to see my boy. But I really loathe what it takes to go get him.

Thankfully, I’m a Master Silver-Lining-Looker. In a few years he’ll be old enough to take the bus and I won’t have to drive at all 🙂

Conor and Meg, Nov. 2012

Conor and Meg, Nov. 2012