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Joshua and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary on Tuesday, April 30. He worked a half-day at one of his jobs and upon his return home he kicked me out for a couple of hours, riding off on my bicycle in an eastward direction. I knew he was meeting up with a friend of ours who is a mechanic. I knew something was happening with my bike.

I went off to do some errands and returned home an hour or so later. I soon received a text message that I should go stand outside.

Around the corner came our friend’s car. Atop that car was a bicycle. I noticed it looked different from my bike: for one, there was a glaringly-missing milk crate from the rear. But that wasn’t all. A second later I noticed that the top tube was at a different angle. My following thoughts went something like this:

That’s my bike!Trek520

Wait, that’s not my bike..

But, that’s my bike!

My bike is a new Trek 520–a bike I’d test ridden back in early March. I feel confident that it’s the very first bicycle I’ve ever ridden that fits properly.

Her name is Brady. And until Tuesday, she had zero miles on her.

So, that’s the fantastic part.

The lovely part came throughout the rest of the evening. Dinner and a movie is, yes, cliché, but it’s also just about our favorite child-free thing to do. We had a lovely meal at Alando, a Kenyan restaurant in town, and saw the new DeNiro flick, “The Big Wedding,” which was hi-LA-rious. We had a truly lovely anniversary date, courtesy of our dear neighbor who was watching Judah for the night.

The amazing part comes tomorrow when I take Brady on the trail for the first time. I rode her around the neighborhood last night. I fully expect that tomorrow’s 35 miles will be nothing less than amazing. I just can’t wait!