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Holy crow! I haven’t written in FOREVER!! I am SO sorry!! I’ve been busy with mothering and wife-ing and BIKING, plus blogging over at Take It from Meg. Have you checked out my Take It from Meg blog? Because it kind of rocks. I even received a Liebster Blogger Award.

But that is SO not why I’m writing to you today.

Tomorrow is July 4th. And here in the ol’ U.S. of A. that means most people gorge themselves on food that is bad for us, beverages that are bad for us, and watch fire fall out of the sky.

Sounds like a blast, right?

But here in the Buck household, Independence Day 2013 means so much more than our patriotism or dissension (which is patriotism, thankyouverymuch).

Tomorrow marks 18 months since we sold our car. Car-Free in the Christmas City, indeed!! How many of you thought we wouldn’t make it? How many thought that I would fold? How many thought that Josh was crazy? Me. Me. and Me. 

Now, something happened at the year mark. It was an incredible milestone and I was so excited and it really cemented my commitment to this lifestyle.

Since then, I’ve become a League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor (LCI). And I lead a 20-30 mile bike ride on Friday mornings. (My typical Friday ride includes a one-way commute, bringing my weekly average to 38 miles.)

I find that I loathe driving more and more with every rental car. But I suck it up and deal because seeing my kid is completely more important than not liking to drive, y’know?

My overall attitudes about transportation have shifted dramatically in the last year and a half. My overall awareness about my life has shifted dramatically. It’s shocking how much riding my bike has changed my life.

We’ve even inspired others to start riding more.

I heard from one reader that they started commuting by bike because of this blog. I learned recently about a friend who just got gear to ride with her three children. Seriously. Biking is breaking out everywhere.

So, what questions do you have about why cyclists do certain things? What questions do you have about what you should be doing as a cyclist? Please, ask away. While I started writing this blog to chronicle our family’s ins-and-outs of learning to live on two wheels, I’ve learned a great deal about what it takes and can answer most questions. Not only am I trained, I’m experienced.

Can you see biking as a way to declare your independence? How will you celebrate biking on Independence Day?