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Josh left last Thursday for Maine and is gone for another couple of days yet. Conor has been at his dad’s since Friday, leaving Judah and me at home. By ourselves. I haven’t had another adult to run errands. I haven’t had an older brother to watch wee Judah while I take a quick trip to the grocer. Everything I’ve wanted or needed to go, everywhere I needed or wanted to be was up to me and the Yuba.

I’ve learned a lot in these few days of independently living car-free.

I’ve learned that I generally compromise too much and do without instead of just going out to do or get something.

I’ve learned that I hate the saddle on the Yuba and am going to swap it out with the Brooks saddle from my Cannondale.

I’ve learned that I place Josh’s comfort before my own, i.e. not moving the saddle at all to make it more comfortable so that Josh won’t have to move it back when he returns home.

I’ve learned that Judah likes having a destination for a bike ride, usually playground-oriented. He’s not very interested in sitting on the bike for 10 miles just because.

I’ve learned (again) that we made the right choice for our family. Living car-free is another aspect of the happily ever after we’ve created. I can’t imagine going back to owning a car.

I know it’s been a really long time since I last wrote here, and I’m sorry. I do have a letter that I’ve been working on addressing the rules of the road for both cyclists and motorists. I’ll get it posted soon, I hope.