I don’t agree with the last line but the rest of this (very short) article is right on target. A little can go a long way!


If you’re a city cyclist, you live in fear of car doors. On your right, there’s often a line of parked cars, most of them sitting silently, harmlessly, empty. But inside some of them lurks that most dangerous of creatures — a human being — just waiting to stupidly open up the door in your path, giving you the terrible choice of a) swerving into the parked cars, b) swerving into traffic, or c) hitting the door and flying either head-first off your bike or helter-skelter into traffic and under the wheels of a car which will kill you.

It’s scary. And, as a cyclist, there’s not much you can do about it. But as a driver there is. And at Atlantic Cities, Sarah Goodyear points out that it’s a really, really simple thing: Change which hand you use to open the car door.

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